The Kinks – Underneath the Neon Sign

20th of August 2009 14

The Kinks – Underneath the Neon Sign

Another song from the Kinks album Soap Opera

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14 great comment(s) for this post

  1. BerkeleyMews7 5:14 am 23/08 of 2009

    Killer guitar riffs by Dave Davies. One of my Kinks favorites. Happy Birthday to Dave! Thanks for posting!

  2. nogrouchy 1:49 pm 26/08 of 2009

    Intelligent lyrics – relaxing rhythm – great guitar – Love it !!
    I have a live version of this song which sounds great as well !

  3. KinkStarmaker 9:18 pm 29/08 of 2009

    In my opinion this is maybe one of the best Kinks’ song and Soap Opera is one of my favourite Kinks’ album.

    A great inspired melody and captivating guitar!!

  4. JIF882 12:03 am 30/08 of 2009

    No prob. Actually, I heard the Preservation Act CDs R more of a departure. The 1 and School Boys in Disgrace R more rock based but still w/ the opera-like touch. Kinda like Queen

  5. F1NWO 7:21 am 1/09 of 2009


  6. F1NWO 6:06 am 3/09 of 2009

    Ill drink to that man!! Hoppy St. Kinky Day!!

  7. nottobeoutdone 2:19 am 5/09 of 2009

    I agree, it was highly underrated when it was produced. It was quite a departure from their usual stuff, but I loved the album. Thanks for the info. I will try Borders and get a copy.

  8. JIF882 4:45 am 7/09 of 2009

    What do ya think? Got the CD 2day from Borders. Awesome!!

  9. JIF882 4:21 pm 7/09 of 2009

    Bought the remastered CD from Borders 2day. It’s awesome. Glad i didn’t pay attention the bad reviews this lovely piece of rock opera holiness received. Belongs w/ the great rock opera’s like Tommy, Quadraphenia, and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

  10. RamRockManchesterU 5:43 am 9/09 of 2009

    Kinks forever and ever, Mr. Ray Davies it’s a inmortal man.

    Soy un fanatiKo con ” K “

  11. whitetothebone 8:43 am 11/09 of 2009

    i have the original LP

  12. ru2bahero 6:00 pm 13/09 of 2009

    Kinks forever. Ray is a genius.

  13. nottobeoutdone 12:10 pm 15/09 of 2009

    I’d love to find a copy of this CD.

  14. Duenderelojero 5:04 am 17/09 of 2009



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