şehir mobilyaları - The Success Of Modern Street Furniture And Their Significance

15th of April 2010 0

The Success Of Modern Street Furniture And Their Significance

While street furniture becomes indispensable objects in the streets the competition in making them also significantly increases. We know for a fact that every piece of street furniture on the road corners, street curves and highways are funded by the city government but manufactured by different enterprises. This is why we constantly see changes and innovations among street furniture because they are continuously improved by the private enterprises. Specifically we see innovations in their designs, structures, make up and usability. However although majority of them have undergone changes in recent years their functionality remained the same and some of them still have their traditional design and physical structures untouched. As an example, the sign posts and road signs remained the same. The mailboxes maintained their simple designs and the street lamps only got taller but they still serve the same purpose.
However, so many innovations also took place along with the changing of times. The simple traditional park benches have now evolved into multi-purpose bench and you can see them now on malls, parking lots, schools, gardens and almost anywhere and because they are still well liked by the people they are now refurbished with different designs and structures. The latest among the lines of street furniture are the advertising billboards which not only present advertisements but they are equipped with benches and roofs and serve as multi-purpose billboards cum park benches. These are only few of the indicators that even the unnoticeable street furniture has undergone changes in the past few years.
In the past we had some slight problems with our street furniture and that was finding the right maintenance system. When cities began to take on bigger responsibilities maintaining them became a difficult course. The problem of malfunctioning, out of order devices and undermanned lavatories contribute to the deterioration of the cities. We can see lamp posts that go unlighted for years, comfort rooms that are closed because of breakdown or lack of maintenance people, traffic lights that malfunction and countless problems with our street furniture. That is why there was a call of attention by the citizenry to provide the city with private services so that good government service will come to the people. Since then further developments have taken place.
Today, although street furniture are still not hot items among people the city government sees to it that significant pieces should always be there to maintain the ambiance of the city and provide service to the people. We now have fully automated traffic lights, modern restrooms, attractive and bolder street signs and phone booths that offer more security. Street furniture may all seem to be boring and lifeless that is why very few people notice them and think they are just part of the city. However, they do not realize that they do contribute so many beneficial things to us as commuters, passengers, drivers and the like. Now that we are seeing developments among them we are glad people now notice them. For the visitors seeing how newly painted the sign posts are, the park benches beautifully crafted and decent garbage cans everywhere this surely bring a positive outlook to the city and the people that live within the city.

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