The Variety of Road Traffic Signs

5th of December 2009 0

The Variety of Road Traffic Signs

There are a wide variety of road safety signs that are available for sale by retailers. Mostly, these signs are for contractors and road builders. They are normally used when a site is under construction, and additional safety signs need to be put up to warn other drivers of the work in progress.

There are thousands of road safety signs to choose from. This is to ensure the right messages are being communicated for safety reasons. Most of these signs come in bright colors such as red, yellow, green or blue. The three most common shapes are circle, triangle and rectangle.

Different shapes and colors are used in different road traffic signs to represent different things. For example, circular signs are reserved for mandatory messages. They are normally red in color. This means drivers must comply.

Triangular signs are used for warning messages. These signs are commonly seen in yellow. Drivers may choose not to comply, but the signs serve as useful warning messages.

Signs for informational purposes only are in rectangle shapes. They are usually bigger than other signs, since there are more words on them. They may come in green or blue. Green usually means “Go”. So this color is used for signs that allow drivers to pass.

The different types of road safety signs include reflective traffic signages and pedestrain and traffic control cones. The surfaces of traffic signages are often made of reflective materials. This is to ensure that the signs are visible even when the light is dim. Signs can reflect light from the head lamps of cars and attract the attention of drivers.

The most commonly used road traffic signs are the speed signs and the no entry signs. These signs are all circular, which means that drivers must comply with the signs. Speed signs set a speed limit for the drivers, so that they can proceed with caution. Speed limits can be 5, 10, 15, 20, etc. depending on the situation. If the site has become a dangerous site for drivers to enter, simply use a “no entry” sign.

Sometimes, traffic signs and cones are not enough to protect the area. Traffic barriers may be setup to restrict access to the area. The conditions where such signs and equipment is required are defined by legislation. For example, according to UK legislation, road signs that are used in private work sites must the same as those used in public roads.

When it comes to safety, nothing should be left to chance. Road conditions on different sites are different. So the type of road traffic signs to use depend on the overall assessment of road conditions within a particular site. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to put up more signs. Make sure that the signs are highly visible so that they serve appropriate warnings to driver as early as possible.

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