There are Various Reasons Why Vinyl Banners are Popular Forms of Outdoor and Indoor Advertising

25th of March 2010 0

There are Various Reasons Why Vinyl Banners are Popular Forms of Outdoor and Indoor Advertising

Get all the attention you want when you use vinyl banners and vinyl signs. A favorite with many people, vinyl banners are the best choice because they are durable, easy to maintain and versatile. Moreover, one of the most important reasons for using vinyl to make banners is that it can be used on both indoors and outdoors. Due to its durability, vinyl can be mounted, hung, attached, or pasted on most surfaces making it easy to catch attention of the passersby. And the rapid changes in technology have now allowed large vinyl banners to be printed with relative ease and comfort using the spray paint technique. Whatever size vinyl banners may be needed, there is one that can be made for you. Uses of Vinyl Banners Here’s a short list of some of the places where vinyl banners can advertise your product/services to catch the attention. No.    Type of Banner    Use1    Trade Show Banners    Hanging format2    Exhibit Banners    Sign format3    Sponsorship Banners    Attached/Hanging format4    Welcome Signs    Pole format5    Point-of-Purchase Signs    Window sign format6    Construction Site Signs    Stand format7    Street Banners    Graphics formatTypes of Vinyl Used For Making BannersLet’s take a look at the various types of vinyl material that can be used to create indoor and outdoor advertising banners. 1.    Scrim Vinyl – Best for outdoor advertising. Banners made from scrim vinyl are weather proof and long lasting. Opaque in nature, this material minimizes transparency due to strong lights and the reinforced layers ensure that it stays durable whether used indoor or outdoor. 2.    Matte Vinyl – This vinyl has a coating the resists both glare and water and provides you with vibrant, attractive, and visually stimulating imaging. The matte surface allows for wide angle viewing as it cuts down on the glare. Matte vinyl banners are used outdoors or wherever bright lights may pose a problem. 3.    Gloss Vinyl – Used when you want to digitally print multicolor images in vibrant colors and require a glossy background surface. This is referred to as “image pop.” Banners made from this type of vinyl can be used in a wide range of applications and under different climatic conditions. 4.    Blackout Vinyl – This material consists of 3 layers. The layer between the outer most layers is of black vinyl. This middle layer is used for blocking out the light that shines through from either of the outer surfaces. If you want to advertise your product using both the sides of the banner, then this material is best suited for your requirements. Other types of vinyl are adhesive back vinyl and mesh vinyl. You can also check with the banner company for their specific offerings. Remember, always use material that fulfills your requirements so that you get the maximum benefit.

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