thunderstorms and neon signs (hank williams III cover)

30th of September 2009 20

thunderstorms and neon signs (hank williams III cover)

great song

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20 great comment(s) for this post

  1. pussnboots1 2:36 pm 1/10 of 2009

    wow pretty dam good i must say

  2. BigHonky33 7:48 pm 2/10 of 2009

    I demand a demo tape!

  3. Goatboy44spl 2:29 am 3/10 of 2009

    Good voice.

  4. Cbf3v3r 10:16 am 3/10 of 2009

    And you seem like a d-bag.

  5. speaker3600 6:26 pm 5/10 of 2009

    you sound like a redneck

  6. sataniclemonade 6:03 am 8/10 of 2009

    dude this is great. Next time try to take a few shots or a few pills before…I think this song is ment to be sang under the influence…your great.

  7. tydee98 9:50 am 9/10 of 2009

    stoped to get a bottle along the way!!!! I’m trying to get the honky tonk moan down myself!!!!! I’m getting better but sometimes my voice cracks on its own in the wrong spot!!!!! that WHIIIIIINNNNNEEEE part I really need to work on. GOOD JOB

  8. ExpressYoself1 9:14 pm 10/10 of 2009

    Pretty good man

  9. jpnunn 3:31 am 11/10 of 2009

    You are really good….I hope you get discovered…. We need good music like yours!

  10. rodiekai2 5:39 am 12/10 of 2009

    Sounds good. Ive been trying to do waynes “happy birthday julie”, but id really like to see you do it first. Whatdya say?

  11. 2loosestrings 8:40 am 14/10 of 2009

    Hey man,
    I enjoy all of your good work , keep it going.Thanx

  12. tnsweetgal42 8:58 am 17/10 of 2009

    Damn good job…. I’m all about some hank III but you did it man…. Keep it up!!!

  13. ogunclecc 11:12 am 20/10 of 2009

    great job bro…..

  14. TravisMP69 7:27 am 23/10 of 2009

    hey can you PLZZZ do me a cover of HANK III’S Whats his name…or back by my side… its on the 2nd disc on the straight to hell album

  15. Fastfeetsam 4:35 pm 24/10 of 2009

    Bad Ass dude.

  16. GavDuggan1983 3:38 am 28/10 of 2009

    Nice job, I never saw the point in Hank IIIs cover to be honest because he does it exactly the same as Wayne Hancock.

  17. seattlesamurai51 11:37 pm 2/11 of 2009

    If you do “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” on here then I’d really be impressed. You take requests??

  18. 0neToWatch 5:31 pm 5/11 of 2009

    That was an awesome cover bro. Excellent video.

  19. trintdaddylandis 5:06 pm 8/11 of 2009

    i sure appreciate it

  20. tljent79 2:14 am 9/11 of 2009

    Great cover man. You got some pipes.


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