Times Square LED Sign Etude

27th of November 2009 2

Times Square LED Sign Etude

The animated LED billboards in New York City’s Times Square area collectively present a sensory overload to nighttime visitors. Many people find three of the best are the Coca-Cola™, Budweiser™, and m&m’s™ signs. The Budweiser animated LED billboard is on the South end of Times Square and the Coca-Cola animated LED billboard is on the North end. m&m’s World has two animated LED billboards at 1600 Broadway, one block North of Times Square. One sign is on Broadway and the other is on 7th Avenue. Both play the same animation. This video presents a composite viewing experience of the three billboards, attempting to convey how intense the Times Square nighttime experience is. Keep in mind there are dozens of other electronic signs simultaneously firing, all competing for attention. But many people find these three among the best. Note that the color and saturation on the Budweiser animation in the video is unfortunately not as high quality as the other two because it is a smaller sign and farther away from the camera, requiring more zoom enlargement (reducing captured light and video quality). With all the pedestrian, taxi cab, and rickshaw chaos in the area, it is also difficult to get the settings correct. That said, the Budweiser sign is one of the truly visually stunning signs and its color quality genuinely matches that of the other two signs. Unfortunately, I live 2500 miles away from it and can’t get back to video it again. Enjoy… Produced by W. David Schwaderer www.innovationsurvival.com

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2 great comment(s) for this post

  1. gunnm001 6:31 am 28/11 of 2009

    gone are the days of neon!

  2. RussGunslanger 9:16 am 1/12 of 2009

    nice one, Dave!


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