Top Considerations in Purchasing the Best LED Signs

10th of January 2010 0

Top Considerations in Purchasing the Best LED Signs

When Purchasing an LED sign for your business there are a few things to consider in finding the best one. Here are the most important things.

First you need to consider if the sign will be mounted inside or outside. Outside signs will need to be durable. You will need one that will stand up to extreme temperature, rain and sleet. You will need a sign with voltage protection and look for one with heavy solid welding.

You will also need to consider the distance the average viewer of you sign will be when looking at it. This may not matter as much inside but outside you will need to think about this. If most of the traffic passes at freeway speed and is three hundred and fifty feet away you will need characters that are at least a foot tall to be seen well but if you are only a few feet then smaller letters are needed. The angle they will be viewing the sign from also matters.

Resolution will be affected by distance as well. You need more resolution up close but less is needed farther away. Resolution is one of the biggest factors in the cost of a sign. So on to cost. LED signs do tend to cost quite a bit. This is an important advertising expense. Many times a business has been in a location for years before they finally put up a lighted sign only to suddenly get lots of new customers thinking they just opened. Some companies will let a business lease the signs or offer financing.

You will need to look around your street and see what signs yours will be competing against. If they are all non-lighted plane signs then you may be fine with a very simple LED sign. If many have lighted signs you may want to look for one with more features to help you stand out. You will need to decide if you just want the name of you business or if you want a larger message to get across. Will you need an image or weekly specials flashing up there? Some Led signs even allow for video. Do you need full color or are a plain gray scale signs good enough? Full color is best for video or images.

One important factor is to know the local laws and codes on what signs you are allowed to display and where. If the sign you want will not be allowed you can petition for a variance letting you have the sign. You may not want to bother and choose a sign that will be allowed no hassle.

A poor sign can reflect poorly on your business so you will want to choose the best quality sign you can that fits in your budget. Signs that look old or poorly made will raise questions in the mind of any potential customers.

Led signs are a good cost efficient lighted sign option. They can increase business by large percentages and can cost less to run than a television set.

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