Top Ten Things to Consider When Purchasing An Outdoor Business Sign

26th of October 2009 0

Top Ten Things to Consider When Purchasing An Outdoor Business Sign

A sign based on your logo is the most cost effective form of advertising your business has. On your building or by the road, signs identify your location while advertising your products and services. Signs work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are the most important issues when setting up your business signage. These and choosing a reputable sign company will help you minimize mistakes and maximize profits.

10) Where the sign will be installed will determine the sign type, materials, placement and anchoring. Consult with an expert sign installer to ensure these four elements are correct for your location.

9) Will your business be open at night? If so, your sign must be illuminated. Ask your sign professional which of the many forms of illumination which will best suit your needs.

8) The simpler the design, the better. Only include your business name, logo, and possibly a small tagline. The logo and words must be in strong contrast to the background. If the logo must be altered to fit on a sign, a good professional sign designer will stay true to the spirit of your branding.

7) The structure to which the sign will be mounted must be adequate to support the sign. Only quality materials and workmanship should be used, so your sign doesn’t fall off the building.

6) The amount of space behind the wall to which the sign will be mounted will have a big impact on the types of signs that you can use.

5) For illuminated signs, use only a licensed Electrician. She or he should provide a designated primary electric feed, which is typically placed within five accessible feet of the proposed sign.

4) Decide how will your illuminated sign go on and off. Manually or automatically? By time clock or light sensor?

3) Signs (especially illuminated signs) need routine service and maintenance. Consider how you will have  adequate access to the sign after it installed for repairs or updates.

2) & 1) For the top two most important considerations when purchasing exterior signage (that most business owners never even consider), visit our website:

3D Signs is your local expert in designing and installing business signs.  Visit our website for a free concept drawing and consultation: Business Signs

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