Touhou 6 – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Stage 4 Normal

19th of January 2010 24

Touhou 6 – Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Stage 4 Normal

TouhouWiki Profile Link: e Midboss: Koakuma Boss: Patchouli Knowledge Species: Youkai Abilities: Magic, especiall good at Elemental Magic TouhouWiki Profile Link: Patchy’s Spellcards: Earth Sign “Rage Trilithon” Metal Sign “Metal Fatigue” Water & Wood Sign “Water Elf” Earth & Metal Sign “Emerald Megalith” (Note: Patchy’s Spellcards change depending on your character…) … touhou 06 embodiment of scarlet devil patchouli knowledge marisa …

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. narutofan9999 5:15 pm 19/01 of 2010

    Well, Patchy is the main reason why i don’t get owned by Sakuya X_X

  2. blackdoor326 12:43 am 20/01 of 2010

    Ah oops didn’t see someone had already replied to that haha.

  3. blackdoor326 2:35 am 20/01 of 2010

    If you have Max Power and go to the top 1/5th of the screen, all the items drag into you :)

  4. MarioWars 7:59 am 22/01 of 2010

    downloaded right now only 2 mins left ^^

  5. 5enka 3:20 pm 22/01 of 2010

    oh sweet thanks alot man, this will defiantly help me up my score tenfold.

  6. yoshicookiezeus 5:31 pm 23/01 of 2010

    You go sufficiently high on the screen while in full power mode to collect every point and power item on screen. And when you destroy one of those fairies that spam spirals of blue bullets, every bullet on the screen is turned into a point item and collected.

  7. 5enka 7:35 pm 23/01 of 2010

    how do you drag all point things towards you, and sometimes yuo collect all the projectiles without using a bomb, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?

  8. Blakee8288 1:33 am 24/01 of 2010

    Crap i spelled it wrong lol

  9. Blakee8288 9:10 pm 26/01 of 2010

    I thought Patchy was a whitch 0.0

  10. jonathand18 12:20 pm 28/01 of 2010

    Wow. That’s some crazy literature :P

  11. FufuSkyress 7:48 pm 28/01 of 2010

    Wow wow wow wow wow. e_e
    I would so fail at this game. xD!

  12. 6UnHoly6Saint6 5:58 am 31/01 of 2010

    Lol I know. xD At first I thought you get it by getting graze and point at same number :o cause coincidentally, everytime I got a life, It was like 32 graze, and 32 point o.o.

  13. YokoshimaShonen 11:29 am 3/02 of 2010

    Ahaha, yeah, my bad. That was forever ago, when I first got EoSD. Didn’t know how lives worked, but I kinda knew how lives worked in PCB and IN. Pretty dumb of me back then ^^

  14. 6UnHoly6Saint6 2:14 pm 3/02 of 2010

    Ugh -just counted- ._. divide all the number with 10.

  15. 6UnHoly6Saint6 12:44 am 6/02 of 2010

    -replies to YokoshimaShonen-
    No o-o It’s the score. You get one when you reaches: 100 mil, 200 mil, 400 mil, and I think 500 mil.

  16. ttaaddoo111 9:41 am 7/02 of 2010

    mmm i guess so i just remember reading that shes a good human friend of remilia thats why she lives in the library

  17. MPCozmo 6:51 pm 7/02 of 2010

    (Er, wait, never mind, she kind of is youkai.
    Magicians are a subclass of them.)

  18. MPCozmo 1:14 am 8/02 of 2010

    Patchouli is a magician, so I guess you can decide on whether you think she’s youkai or not.
    I say no.

  19. Cyril86 12:14 pm 9/02 of 2010

    In fact… she is a youkai.

  20. ttaaddoo111 1:57 am 11/02 of 2010

    patchy isnt youkai!

  21. karloski94087 8:56 pm 12/02 of 2010

    You must be an evil genius. I can’t even keep up with your replay. Amazing. I would like to see how hyper you get in real life after playing this. Must be like a honey bird.

  22. OverlordKru 1:22 am 16/02 of 2010

    Patchy’s so awesome.

  23. Vivaldithugs 4:06 pm 17/02 of 2010

    oh thanks kid!!!that is a hell job for beginners like me,but i hope i could handle that

  24. Cyril86 4:38 pm 19/02 of 2010

    Clear the game on at least Normal without using any continues.
    Doing that unlocks Extra for that particular character.


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