Traditional Signwriting of Hand Painted Signs

11th of May 2010 0

Traditional Signwriting of Hand Painted Signs

The signwriting business has changed over the years.  Traditional signwriting services still exist and are very popular for business which require that authentic look.  Computers have certainly increased the range of services that experienced signwriters are now able to offer.  It is fair to say that modern day computing has made the overall process easier and more efficient for the professional signwriter.

There is a clear divide between the traditional sign maker who produces hand painted signs, those who make signs digitally using computers and those who offer both.

The traditional signmaker/writer Highly talented and experienced but has not embraced the digital age.

The digital signwriter Solely creates computer sign designs but does not offer traditional signwriting services.

A combination of both old school sign design and modern sign creation This is the most talented, experienced and versatile type of sign maker who has created traditional signs for many years and also creates digital signs, has he can produce any type of sign!  When he visits a prospective client he can provide the right type of sign to their business needs and not the other way around. This is the kind of signwriting that you need on your side if you are looking at branding your business.

The traditional and digital sign business has changed with the times but stayed true to his roots. This shows versality and has a range of skills and techniques to employ. He is not a one trick pony. If you need a hand painted sign he can produce hand lettered signs and if you need a vinyl sign he has computer aided techniques at his disposal.  A comprehensive portfolio and lots of happy customers is another way of judging your businesses signwriter. So next time you need a signmaker choose a master sign maker who can offer you any type of sign.

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