Traffic Signs – Keeping Things Moving

20th of January 2010 0

Traffic Signs – Keeping Things Moving

One has to wonder, all those hundreds and thousands of years ago, when man invented the wheel, did he realize that he was also inventing something far less helpful, traffic? Ever since there have been vehicles on roads, traffic has been getting worse. Vehicles scramble to and from, darting left and right, trying to reach their final destination in the shortest amount of time. Traffic signs were invented to help ease congestion and set some rules for where you can and cannot turn, who has the right of way and when you should just STOP! Custom traffic signs even dictate things like what kinds of vehicles should go in which direction and how long you may stand in one spot.

In today’s modern world, our roadways almost all proudly display traffic signs. Have an intersection coming up? If you look, you are bound to find at least two stop signs. Is there a sharp curve in the road ahead? You can bet that there will be a clearly marked sign to let you know about it. Everything from speed limit to road conditions is posted along the sides of our roadways to help keep drivers and their passengers safe from danger. The earliest traffic sign was found in Rome, in the form of mile markers. Since then, the importance of signs along our roadways has increased immensely, as more and more vehicles move along them at ever increasing speeds.

Traffic signs are not reserved solely for just roadways however. Parking lots often have custom traffic signs to let people know where they may or may not park. Many companies have signs designating certain spots just for visitors or key employees. Rest stops across the United States have signs directing cars in one direction and trucks and buses in another. These signs help keep parking lots safer and more efficient for the people that use them.

Whether you are constructing a road, or a parking lot or even just a trail that will get foot traffic, having the right signage can make the difference in whether your project is safe and easy to use or not. Whatever your traffic sign need, Champion America is here to help. A leader in custom traffic signs, we have been providing stop signs, parking signs, custom traffic signs and more for over 20 years. Visit us at today and find or create the perfect sign for your traffic need.

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