Unique ways to decorate your home with Metal Collectables

14th of November 2009 0

Unique ways to decorate your home with Metal Collectables

Every one wants to come back to a beautiful house. People are spending a lot of money in their home interiors and there are also commercial services available in the market today. You just have to stretch out to reach to one of them and select one of the interior designers available in the market offering services at prices that suite your budgets. However, there are people who love to decorate their houses all by themselves. They have that creative bent of mind where in they use unusual things in an even more unusual way to make the décor look different and magnificent at the same time.

Using different kind of things that are unique to home décor

This would all depend upon the creativity of the person to develop and implement the unique idea into practice. Mental is one of the great things that could used because of its durability and low maintenance cost. Buying a very expensive decoration piece for your house looks faded when there stands a unique idea which hasn’t been incorporated anywhere before. No one else has seen that kind of decoration piece, they might have seen the thing used as such. For example using a very old rusted bicycle as a decoration piece in your living room might not be a very usual practice.

This is only recommended if you have a huge living room. Or else the concept would be a complete waste. You just need to paint that old bicycle into the color theme of your living room and place it there. Recommended color would be white/ silver or even faded golden if you have lots of antiques around.

The way it should be placed should be in sync with the other things placed in the room otherwise the creative idea would not prove to be effective. Other things like – old lamp shades; broken metal boxes; old spoons & folks etc could be painted or if they are in decent condition could be varnished and placed with interesting furniture settings would fetch you complements.

Using regular things of decorations uniquely

Another way to approach the different and unique way of decorating once house –  by using the regular home décor things in a relatively unusual manner. One thing that needs to be ensure that what ever you use, that should go with the décor of the house or alternatively the unique setting that you are adding should merge with the existing settings.

If need be the existing settings could be altered to merge with that of the item that you have placed uniquely. For example, a metal wall hanging that is a rod-wire based design could be placed on the floor instead of getting a place it on the wall. By using a soft comfortable flooring or carpet cut into the dimensions of the wall hanging, use it as a platform to place the wired rod based design.

Color contrast could be considered in sync with the color scheme of the room where you willing to place that. The beautiful candle stands could be used to hang on the walls instead of electrical lamps inside as well out side the house, rather than placing them on table tops.

Just by using your creativity simple things could turn unique and attractive – this is the simple way of decorating your house in a unique way using metal collectables.

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