Vinyl Banners: 5 Extra Ideas for Extra Large, High Impact Prints

2nd of April 2010 1

Vinyl Banners: 5 Extra Ideas for Extra Large, High Impact Prints

When fitting images into your posters feel like fitting a camel in the eye of a needle you should consider vinyl banners for those extra large advertisements.

• Vinyl banner is a piece of good fortune to advertisers. This large format print is easy and inexpensive to produce, easy to use, and very low maintenance. The material is so durable you can just mount it outdoor or indoor and forget about it.

• It’s a great material you can use for your different advertising needs. You can start as small as 8×8 inches to as large as 61” x 100”. Imagine the possibilities.

• Print them in regular sizes for hallways and bulletin boards, or have them printed in the maximum size for trade shows, product launches, or just plain crazy hallway displays for school events.

• And because vinyl banners are printed digitally, you can have as little as one piece of print order.

Here are so more great Vinyl banner ideas you can use for advertisements or even for home aesthetics:

1. Poster sizes:

• Vinyl banners can be printed on poster sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. It is perfect for that extra impact. When used indoor these vinyl banners can last you a few years.

• And because vinyl is capable of high quality prints, you can use it for your own pictures at home. Print an assortment of family pictures to adorn both small and huge spaces. Vinyl banners is one of the several materials that are perfect for picture enlargements and group photos.

2. Banner sizes

• It’s like throwing fish into the water. Banner size is what vinyl is made for. Print a 2 feet x 5 feet banner for your yard sale. Request for grommets to be placed on the vinyl corners or you can just hang it to a pole. With the extra large size it is visible from a distance. It also weather resistant and will brave rain and snow.

3. Window Signs

• Vinyl banners can be identified as a banner made of vinyl material. You can come up with a poster or banner design and have it printed on a static cling material which makes it ideal for window signs.

• You can simply order the design you want and mount it to the desired location. Because vinyl can be printed in custom sizes you can specify your print to the last half-inch so you get the perfect fit every time.

• Vinyl signs are put on glass windows without adhesive. You need not worry about getting sticky or glass windows looking messy. Through this, you can easily put up a banner or poster sign on your glass windows without difficulty.

4. Floor to Ceiling Sizes

• This is an exciting size to use for both indoor and outdoor advertisements. For indoor you can use it for murals, backdrops, trade show exhibits, installations, bedroom posters, store wall posters and more. The extra large posters create extra large impressions where your images and products can be blown up to larger than life dimensions.

5. Billboard Sizes

• Those giant billboards are made of the same vinyl material but sewn up to create one smooth flowing image. If you are afraid that they might tear up, there are mesh vinyl banners that allows wind or air to pass through so it won’t tear up with gusts of wind.

When you find your big idea is stuck in a small media, try vinyl banners. You may love it so much you will never go back to any other material for your large indoor and outdoor advertising.

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