Vinyl Signs: Finding Space for Large Ideas

1st of November 2009 0

Vinyl Signs: Finding Space for Large Ideas

vinyl_sign6Why place your vinyl signs in a single location? Vinyl signs are your outdoor advertising materials that possess greater visibility or exposure to pedestrians, motorists and such clients.

Vinyl signs can be any material or large format print made out of vinyl. Thus, signage made from vinyl can be anywhere from banners, posters, adhesive back, and billboards. All of these are great advertisement materials but they are limited to one location.

Vinyl Signs, Advertising Strategies and Ideas

The weakness, however, lies in advertising to the same set of people who routinely pass that direction. But what about other possible target clientele? Can your billboards and poster reach every nook and cranny?

1. Vinyl Signs as Billboards

• You may want to put up a billboard in more strategic locations to focus more on your target demographic, but billboards can be very expensive. Printing one might be affordable, but the monthly expense of paying for the location can eat a big hole into your budget.

• Work out locations or establishments where you can arrange to post your billboards, pro bono or for certain privileges other than cash. Look into community billboards or local events and charity drives.

2. Vinyl Posters

• Printing vinyl posters is a good solution. They are very easy to put up and theoretically, they can be put up almost anywhere. However, before you proceed to printing out lots of posters check and consult with the local city official on regulations. There are designated public display areas set by different cities and states, councils and village organizations.

• There are a lot of high traffic areas that allows you to put up your posters for free. Look into such strategic locations and do not limit yourself to your own establishment. Look into sponsoring local activities or festivities where you can promote your business.

3. Adhesive Vinyl

• Vinyl signs are very flexible materials. They can be printed in several feet, sewn together and make billboards. They can also be turned into large format posters as discussed earlier. But other than this, vinyl can be easily placed and pasted unto different surfaces. Aside from store front windows, use adhesive back to cover your business transport vehicle to make your advertisement more mobile.

Vinyl Signs – The Advantages

• Vinyl signs have evolved and have been put to more uses. It is the material of choice for advertising in harsh outdoor conditions. Being made of synthetic material, it is long lasting and durable than say paper or cloth.

• Billboards and posters can even be printed in mesh vinyl banners where the wind can easily pass through small holes. The vinyl becomes more flexible to certain weather conditions and will withstand strong winds.

• Vinyl signs suggested earlier, can be placed in your business transport such as your delivery truck. If you deliver your goods, placing signs in your delivery trucks lets your customers and other people know that you do business in that area.

• There are other ways to use vinyl signs. Make a deal with taxi companies or bus transport groups, put up your vinyl banners on their cars or buses. Think bigger and why not trains as well?

Billboards and posters may have their weakness, but they are effective marketing materials. But as an entrepreneur, you must constantly find new ways to explore opportunities. With vinyl signs and large format printing, you can find spaces in hard to reach areas easily.

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