VtM Bloodlines Malkavian Run Part 7: Signs of Gehenna

31st of December 2009 14

VtM Bloodlines Malkavian Run Part 7: Signs of Gehenna

We’re all going to die!!!

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14 great comment(s) for this post

  1. PhluXx1 11:06 am 1/01 of 2009

    Lol, she gave him Vampirism the worst STD to have.

  2. themanwiththepan 12:10 pm 3/01 of 2009

    howd u get it to work

  3. japansarcanist 4:56 pm 4/01 of 2009

    wait is this before the great prank or after

  4. deeth5 10:06 pm 6/01 of 2009

    For vista, it is a crap shoot if the game will work or not mine does not

  5. DUNCKTHEMONKEY 1:14 pm 7/01 of 2009

    i have vista and it works….

  6. bluetearose 1:33 am 9/01 of 2009

    I see. Thanks for telling me. That makes more sense.

  7. bluetearose 10:36 pm 10/01 of 2009

    Thanks for the info. I am not familiar with the whole storyline. And again, great videos! You aren’t a bad voiceactor, either,

  8. deeth5 9:00 pm 11/01 of 2009

    *Sigh* I wish This game worked with my vista sure it had glitches but it was damn good nonetheless

  9. darkchiron 8:11 pm 13/01 of 2009

    Well…. it takes a little while. But a broken bone being partially healed before he leaves is a little odd. It’s just that any evidence of vampire activity is usually kept very hidden. Especially when you’re lower than almost everyone and expendable.

  10. MrIcePho3nix 10:07 am 15/01 of 2009

    Heh, doesn’t exactly look like he’s spontaneously repairing them to me. Poor bastard must be hungry for blood, and not of the fully human variety.

  11. darkchiron 2:32 pm 15/01 of 2009

    The hospital keeps records. They tend to notice people spontaneously repairing broken bones and ruptured organs. The hospital is still run by humans, and the secrecy of vampirism has to be kept.

  12. MrIcePho3nix 1:15 am 16/01 of 2009

    … Wait, so if a Ghoul is simply a human with vampire blood in him, what stopped him from stumbling to the hospital instead of his apartment? Were he and the Prince not the same blood type?

  13. SaintInferno 9:50 pm 16/01 of 2009

    the 14th can sire, its the 15th generation that hasn’t been able to create any progeny

  14. darkchiron 7:32 pm 19/01 of 2009

    The rules for that seem to vary a bit. I remember the core rulebook for old Vampire made a point of saying that 13th/14th generation vampires were considered thin bloods. I believe it said that they couldn’t made childe at 14th generation. So a 13th generation thinblood can apparently make vampires, but I don’t consider that quite a thinblood. It’s strange, and alot of the information in the book was based on vampire superstition.


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