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Wall of Words.The Perfect Sign Makers Domestic Tatgeted Business

Wall words

By Mark Taylor Signs and Graphics

Business description:

Positive quotes, phrases and sayings cut in vinyl to be stuck onto walls, mirrors and glass panels etc. For use in the work place, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, gyms, prisons, police cells, interior of houses, show homes and public buildings.

Decorate walls, panels, mirrors and glass panels with wonderful poems or positive quotes. As people read they think about the words and can have an amazing effect on how they view their surroundings, their workmates and people in close contact with them on a daily basis.

These words allow you to share with others inspiring, thought provoking humorous or reflective sentiments.

The product details

Self adhesive, pre-spaced letters for painted walls, wallpaper, windows, mirrors, furniture, metal and stencils.

Easy to apply and can be removed but not re-applied. They are non-toxic and very easy to apply.


Quotes and sayings, wall words, create astrological designs, children’s animal designs, kitchen quotes, baby room, and initials for children, motivational and inspiring words, golf, garden, for business interiors.

The market place


They provide a specialist service in providing wall finishes or creating a landscape etc. Contact all of your local artists and offer this service along with their own.

Auto graphics

Particular professional drivers have a certain quote they like to repeat to the media. This can be reproduced and used on any vehicle panel or window. Also the drivers name, passenger names and so on. Gwent based van drivers have had their vehicles sign written by Mark Taylor Signs and Graphics and commissioned further work at their homes.

Baby Décor

The child’s name can be stencilled on the wall using a vinyl stencil. Maybe a particular poem or saying about the baby. Approach interior decorators and nursery furniture suppliers.

Tattoo shops, Muralists, customer waiting areas for any business.

I’m just trying to give you a little scope with this market, it truly is only limited with your imagination.

Why not create a panel with some words or a poem and then approach all of the above and the response will be very positive.

Offer to install some free samples in an interior showroom of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or house furniture suppliers.

Make up some samples yourself and take to schools and colleges. Approach the PTA committee with the suggestion of having positive phrases and words in the hallways and classrooms. Even if it changes the thought process of 1 child in 100 it will be worth it. Get the children involved with this change within the educational environment.

Real life situation

My local painter and decorator needed some ideas to put some text on the ceiling of a police holding cell, so, that when the detainee lied down on his bed thinking about the error of his ways he also read a series of positive, thought provoking and inspiring phrases and words. This proved to be popular at this small local police station and was repeated in the other 12 cells, they then commissioned the further 88 police stations to be fitted with the ceiling words.

The following month I got a call to quote for a prison interior and the visitor centre to be fitted with the same idea. I also encouraged the inmates to provide their own favourite positive words, poems and even lyrics from songs they have heard that inspire them to change for the better and make there life inside a little easier to deal with.

The total quote for this work was £5,987.00. They agreed after several meetings to decide exactly what to put on the walls and ceilings. The total time taken from start to finish it took 12 days. This could have taken a shorter amount of time but I insisted a handful of inmates helped with the install in certain areas with the agreement and assistance of the governor and wardens.

I estimated that if I carried out the work alone I could have completed it within 7 days. The total cost for vinyl and application tape was £297.56. Work it out for yourself this is not a bad hourly rate. To top all of this I had a great review in my local newspaper and a thank you from the people involved. This part of the business is extremely satisfying and rewarding; it pushes you onto the next project and then inspires you to create more ideas for future goals and dreams. The really is nothing like it.

Words can have a dramatic and permanent effect on people from every walk of life. They read everything because we live in a society where the media must catch our attention to buy products to purchase things we sometimes don’t really need. If we create words to inspire and make us look at our lives and where we are going and what drives and motivates us then this really is a product that will have a massive demand.

Install on walls, panels, glass and mirrors to any interior or exterior. Shopping centres, shopping malls and lots of other projects this can be used.


Why not sell these wholesale to the interior decorator market, on a market stall to sell to the general public. Produce a leaflet or flyer offering your service to all householders.

New housing developments, approach the interior designer or decorator with the idea. They could sell more houses a lot faster if the message to the potential buyer as they walk into the dream show home “all this could be yours, everyday”.  In the bathroom “relax after your hard day”, “home is where your heart is” along with a few hundred other feel good phrases.

There is a franchise available to start in America where you pay $650 with a few samples, a colour swatch and a monthly newsletter along with conferences to attend. The only problem with this is that you have to pay a royalty fee and you hand back a percentage of whatever money you make.

Create your own sample board, price list and some simple photos of work you can carry out around your own home. A sample of quotes, poems and lyrics from songs or phrases. Also samples of typefaces to use that will give the correct impression in any environment.

This can be started as an entirely separate enterprise or start as a sister company to your sign business. You can work as much or as little as you want depending on the amount of money you want to earn. The goals and dreams of each individual are different, but, you still need to set some goals to achieve what you want from any business and from life.

Imagine the ongoing word of mouth repeat orders you will achieve with this business. When a customer gets their hallway or bathroom the “treatment” they will have another room completed the next week and so on. They will have friends and relatives visit and are overwhelmed with the idea, there are a few more orders. They will talk about it in their place of work, yet more orders. People move home, buy second homes and so on.

Why not create some decorative panels made from mdf, soft or hardwood varnished panels with beautiful cream or gold lettering. Use these to sell or as sample boards.

So, there it is your own add on business to work at full time or a part time business you can dip in to from time to time for extra cash. The hours you determine. Create your own schedule. Share a unique product with friends, family and co-workers. Have great fun while you work. It’s fun, creative and personalised with no limits to your earning potential.

Your customers are busy people and don’t want anybody in their house to make a mess and spend more time in their home than they need to. This is why this project is so fantastic, you give the customer the choice of installing themselves with a simple fitting instruction sheet and DVD or you can spend a few minutes installing.

Party plan

Organise a simple party with friends and relatives. Apply some samples to your mirrors and walls for great effect. Look at the DVD for inspiration.

Book the parties into a diary and offer discounts for orders made through the host or hostess.

Architects are a great source of constant work. They love to approach their clients with great features and ideas that help to sell their work.

Interior painters and decorators along with interior designers can push your business with their own.

This business is so simple to start and keep in control of, just have a good think about the hours you want to work and the type of work you want to take on. You may just want to work evenings and weekends and still work at your day job? Or, you may want to start this as a day project and only work for business clients? Whatever your choice, it’s easy to expand this business into other markets at any point. My suggestion is to start small and offer to local businesses, friends and relatives.


Set up a website that accepts credit and debit card payments.

Simply create an invitation card, you can find hundreds of online templates to help you do this.

Send these to your friends and family.

When they order from you they get a 10% discount.

No need to organise refreshments, no cleaning up and no rearranging your home to accommodate lots of people.

You can also purchase mailing lists to target your market more precisely.

Include a catalogue with your website, it may contain the following:

Gift certificates

Car signs/decals

Various logos

Motivational quotes



Teen room




Humorous phrases

Laundry Wall sayings




Personalised family names

Personalised children names

Use your own home as a show home for this idea. Take photos and add to a leaflet, catalogue or a website.

Add prices to your images to give clients a clear indication of the price range available. Even include a quantity discount or all orders over £50.00 give a 10% discount. Its totally up to you how you run this.

The market for this is huge and together with Mark Taylor Signs and Graphics instructional DVD’s and CD manuals any budding or experienced sign writer, sign maker, graphic designer, home based entrepreneur can take advantage of all this information and generate a remarkable income for very little cost.

Contact Mark Now At: marktaylor_1970@hotmail.co.uk

Or visit www.marktaylorsignsandgraphics.co.uk

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