Want to Know the Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back? Here Are a Few

8th of March 2010 0

Want to Know the Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back? Here Are a Few

Even if she was the one who broke it off, it is possible she still wants you back. Something was wrong and it drove her away, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. If you are willing to make the effort to repair your relationship, then first you must decide if there is anything left to repair. Look for signs your ex girlfriend wants you back. Listed here you can read some of the most obvious hints that often go overlooked!

Sign #1- She’s Flirty!

Although you may be feeling very negative right now, try to view things in an unbiased light so you do not miss obvious hints. If she is flirting with you again, then she is obviously interested! She may not come out and say it, but she obviously is interested in you. Be careful she is not simply playing on you, though. If she is flirty with a lot of other guys, then she may just be playing the field while keeping her options open. Never let yourself become a fall back.

Sign #2-Drawn out Conversations

You have spoken to her a few times and noticed many awkward pauses in the discussion. If it seems like she is trying to prolong your chat, then this is a good sign she doesn’t want to lose your attention! One of the best signs your ex girlfriend wants you back is her desire to spend time with you. If she doesn’t want to end your conversation, then the answer is obvious. She still has a desire to be in your company.

Sign #3-Friends will Talk

During your relationship, you probably acquired some mutual friends. If you know your mutual friends are trustworthy, then you can rely on them as information sources about your ex. If mutual friends are saying your ex talks about a future with you in it, then take it at face value. She may be more willing to open up to them than you. After all, you are at the center of the breakup and she knows your view will be biased.

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