Want to Make More Money? Increase Per Ticket Sales With LED Signs!

15th of November 2009 0

Want to Make More Money? Increase Per Ticket Sales With LED Signs!

There are really only 2 ways to increase the amount of money your business makes:

Increase the number of people buying from you

increase how much each customer spends with you

Pretty much every business owner knows about the first way and does everything they can think to do to increase the number customers they have.

However, not all business owners know about the second way or do everything they can to increase their average ticket sale. In todays economy business owners need to be doing everything they possibly can to make sure each and every customer is spending as much as possible with them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about raising your prices. I am talking about letting your customers know about everything you have to offer. There is nothing worse than having a customer walk out of your store only to go to a competitor to get something you offer!

Using LED Signs and LED Displays To Increase Your Average Ticket

Here is a list of ways  you can increase how much your customers spend with you by using LED Signs:

Advertise Sale Items

Advertise High Margin Items

Advertise Hidden Products and services

Use indoor window LED Signs to advertise while they are walking to your door

Use indoor window LED Signs to advertise once they are in your store

Use Outdoor LED Signs to show time/temperature/community messages to build good will and TOMA (Top Of mind Awareness)

Okay, the first item is fairly obvious so I won’t linger on it.

Some pigs are more equal then others. If you can sell a product with a $5 margin or one with a $10 margin which would you rather sell? Make sure you advertise plenty of high margin items on your LED Sign.

Many businesses have products or services that are hidden. Here is an example of what I mean. Everyone know a tile store sells tiles but everyone might not know they sell grout, trowels, thinset, hardwood flooring, installation services, etc.. It is your job to make sure prospects know about these items, put them on your LED Displays.

While people are walking from the parking lot to you door you can be hitting them with sales messages from your window. Get indoor LED Signs designed for window use and point it at your parking lot. Not everyone will read the messages but many people will making this a outstanding marketing opportunity. They are already coming into look or buy, they are a ‘hot’ prospect, maximize the opportunity.

Once they are in the store there is no reason to stop advertising to them. To use the example of the tile store, you could put an indoor display near the register or sales desk and put up messages like:


Ask about our full installation services

Did you remember grout?

Save your hands and buy a trowel – $7.50

Did you remember grout sealer?

You get the idea, make sure you have used every opportunity to let your customers know about everything you have to offer!

Lastly, use your outdoor LED Signs to show the time & temperature & community messages. This one might not be as obvious so let me explain. You want to ‘train’ people to read your LED Displays. One way to do this by displaying time and temperature. As I drive through my town I am constantly watching LED Signs looking for the time and temperature. I already have the information available to me in my car but I can’t help but look. Use community messages the same way, put up to date, relevant information on your sign and people will watch for it.

This does 2 things:

Builds good will towards your business for providing the information which will increase your TOMA

Trains people to read your sign

With the good will and increased TOMA comes more sales. When someone needs something you offer they will remember your business. The community messages will also help increase loyalty to your business because prospects will feel like you have already given them something of value.

Once you train people to look at your sign to get the non-sales messages they will look for those messages and while they wait they will be reading your sales messages. This will serve to inform them about everything you offer.

There are many specific ways to increase your business but few of them offer the same rate of return LED Signs do. LED Signs work for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week never needing a day off. They allow you to easily put the most current and important sales information in front of your customers while they are at your store.

I hope you take this information and use it to make this your best year ever!

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