what is the easiest way to take down a street sign?

5th of May 2010 5

what is the easiest way to take down a street sign?

i saw this street sign and i want it. how would you recommend to take it down

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  1. Warren 12:51 pm 5/05 of 2010

    Drive over it… slowly

  2. David 1:25 pm 5/05 of 2010

    Atomic Bomb
    Run over with Tank
    Frag Grenade
    Missile Launcher
    Pull it out.
    Run over with car, so it has to be replaced, then call the town board and ask if you can have it

  3. Gabby 1:27 pm 5/05 of 2010

    lol electronics.. I have no clue but if you get caught they’ll make you pay 150$ to put up a new one, street signs are way expensive these days and put on by bolts. Check which bolts and you might have a wrench or vice grips that could loosen them.
    Good luck.

  4. ►BobB◄ 1:30 pm 5/05 of 2010

    the sign at Grinn & Barret is in view of a security camera as is Haight & Ashbury.

    Steal a sign and you will get 90 days in jail.

  5. R-dizzle 1:46 pm 5/05 of 2010



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