What should I do with a broken neon sign?

29th of April 2010 11

What should I do with a broken neon sign?

I have an “Ice House” neon sign that broke. Should I toss it? Get it fixed? Try to sell it to a neon sign repair shop?

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  1. hot_tamale 12:06 am 30/04 of 2010


  2. KJ 12:48 am 30/04 of 2010

    Try selling it on ebay. Lots of people can fix those signs, and you’ll make a buck or two!

  3. William 12:52 am 30/04 of 2010

    Well it depends upon how much you like it. Probably going to be pretty expensive to have it fixed. You can sell it on EBAY and make a little money since those things are in demand and someone on there who can fix it might buy it with the intent of reselling it.

  4. be_myself96 1:23 am 30/04 of 2010

    fix it

  5. sleepwalker69 2:07 am 30/04 of 2010

    toss it

  6. RockStar 2:17 am 30/04 of 2010

    Depending on how much of it is missing, you may be able to get it repaired.

  7. Mii-chan 2:22 am 30/04 of 2010

    get it fixed then sell it on ebay

  8. patisallano 3:15 am 30/04 of 2010

    Hang it in your teenagers room. They love that kind of stuff.

  9. Patches 4:09 am 30/04 of 2010

    Take it to Dr. Neon.

  10. Red Devil 4:33 am 30/04 of 2010

    I think you could toss it. I go to a lot of flea markets, and antique stores, and I see all sorts of neon beer signs for sale. It could easily be replaced.

  11. Lucy R 5:31 am 30/04 of 2010

    Either Eat it, give it to a teenager, or sell it on craigs list or EBay


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